The clock is ticking! Don't miss your chance to join us for the Beginner Beekeeping Workshop happening LIVE, from the comfort of your home, November 13-17 for just $10!





What If There Was a Way for You to:

✓ Learn about the Amazing world of Beekeeping & what it entails

✓ Have two experienced beekeepers help with your bees


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In this Beginner Beekeeping Workshop you will learn:

➔ What's involved in beekeeping
➔ How much time and space you need to look after your bees
➔ What equipment and resources are needed
➔Where you will find help
➔How we are successful in rural and urban settings.

If this sounds interesting you are in the right place!

The Workshop will be presented by Peter Cowin, the Bee Whisperer, and Amy Nickerson, the Queen Bee. 

Between us, we have decades of bee keeping experience, and have trained thousands of new beekeepers. Our workshop will give you a taste of the amazing world of beekeeping and what you can expect as well as what you need to get started. 

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What To Expect During the Workshop: 

The first workshop class will kick off on Monday November 13 (available to watch at anytime until November 26) and the second class on  Tuesday the 14th (available to watch at anytime until November 26) then you will have a chance to have all your questions answered with two LIVE Sessions with Peter and Amy on the 15th and 17th!  

(All sessions will be available for you to re-watch at your leisure until November 26)

The Workshop and Live Session will take place in a private Facebook Group.

After signing up watch your email for the link to the Workshop.


"Love your approach in your teaching style."


"You both are doing a great job teaching. You both have a clear idea of where the beginning is. That is a really significant accomplishment."

Here's what's included in the Beginner Beekeeping Workshop

With this program you'll get:

1. An introduction to beekeeping

2. Two 40 minute classes introducing you to the amazing world of beekeeping.

3.  Two Live group sessions with Peter and Amy for question and answers.

4.  Interact with other "newbees"  

5. Get insight into our successful methods of beekeeping




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