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Here our business model is "BEEKEEPING WITH RESPECT AND KINDNESS."

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Equipment and Choosing Locations-Bee Biology-Obtaining Your Bees-Working Your Bees-The Honey Flow-Swarming-Bee Pests-Mite Control-Honey Harvesting-Winter Preparation-Spring Management-Getting Started With Your New Bees.

You will also have access to additional instructional videos and reference materials.  Once you have joined you will have access to our exclusive Facebook page where you will have direct access to Peter and Amy as well as communicate with other members.

We welcome your questions, success stories and even struggles as we develop this group into what you need to make your beekeeping hobby rewarding and successful.



Here is a quick tip on installing your new bees!  This is just a small example of what we do here at BEEKEEPING 24/7


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What Current Members Are Saying About BEEKEEPING 24/7

"Love your approach in your teaching style."

"This is so amazing!"

"You both are doing a great job teaching. You both have a clear idea of where the beginning is. That is a really significant accomplishment. "


"Learning something new from every lesson thanks"


"Thanks, this was a very good video loaded with a lot of important information. I really enjoy these videos."


"Special thanks to Peter and Amy for all the lessons and videos they are so valuable, I wouldn't have learned all of that in 20 years on my own,can't wait to get My Saskatraz Bees"


"I've been a member since inception.  She and Peter consistently share their knowledge and compassion with all of us.  It's a perfect gift for a busy person with an interest.  They post live, but I watch the videos when I have time."


"Special thanks to both of You for all the information and knowledge you've given all of us. Now after 2 years of unsuccessful bee keeping I feel that the bee's stand a much better chance to survive the winter, I hate it when they die."